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Beginning June 2013, this system is no longer collecting new evaluations. It is only available for historical purposes.

As of the Summer 2013 semester, CSI Course Evaluations have been moved and can now be accessed through the MyCSI website.

Look for the CoursEval tab in the yellow navigation bar at the top of the MyCSI website once you are successfully logged-in. If you are having trouble logging in to MyCSI, please contact the Helpdesk at 208-732-6311 or

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Your username and password are the same as the CSI network logins.

If you have difficulties logging in, please contact our webmaster at or call (208) 732-6897.

This evaluation system has been tested on Internet Explorer 5.5 and greater, Mozilla Firefox, and Netscape Navigator 6.0 and higher. If you are having any problems please make sure you are using one of these browsers before contacting the webmaster.

Evaluations open up to students two weeks prior to the end date of the course and end the day the course ends (last day to fill out the evaluation is the last day of the course) – all dates are based on the dates recorded in Jenzabar.  Faculty should preview the evaluations before they become open (to see the core questions, look at the dates, see the questions added by the department chair, add any questions they wish, etc.).  The key is to ask all the information that is needed, yet not to make the evaluation so long that students do not want to fill it out.  Important : once a course evaluation is open, faculty can no longer modify the evaluation.   

Faculty are not able to see students’ answers while the evaluation is open (only the number of students who have taken the evaluation).  Faculty are able to see the actual results one week after the course ended.  Department chairs are able to see the results as they are posted. 

It is faculty’s responsibility to let their students know where, how and when to access and take the online evaluation.  This could be done in class (face-to-face courses), in the syllabus, via e-mail, Blackboard announcements, broadcast e-mail to students, etc.  Faculty play a crucial role in encouraging students to take the evaluation.  If students truly believe that their comments will be used to further improve the course, most students will be more than willing to provide feedback. 

Important : If you are new to the online course evaluation system or need a refresher, please read the Faculty Handout carefully.





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